What Style Type are You?

There are so many different styles that are in style today. These fashion trends are not all the same. Just look at the fall fashion houses runway pictures and most fashion houses have a different style that then becomes a fashion trend for males. With so many different designers with so many different styles you certainly can’t wear them all. Even if you did you probably would not feel comfortable in some of them. So every male really has to decide what style he is comfortable with. Now some styles can cross lines like a khaki look can go safari or preppy fairly easily. Whereas black grunge may not cross to another style very easily. So what style are you? You have loads of choices and some men will say they don’t have any particular style at all. Some of the current style types are traditional, cool, prep, rocker, urban, or conservative. There are many others too. You decide you want to go rocker then you can look at the different rock stars and see what they are wearing. This can also be called punk or heavy metal. So there is no real firm definition of different styles but many can be lumped together like prep and urban are close. But let’s face it many men are not fashion conscious. They might see something while browsing on the net and think oh I’d like that and they purchase one. For the most part it will conform to what they already have in their closet.
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