Blue Jeans is Still the King

Ever since Levi Strauss and his tailor received a US patent for their pants on May 20, 1873, blue jeans have been popular. They do come and go as far as fashion trends are concerned and they also vary as to skinny or baggy to high fashion to grunge but they still remain at the top of men’s fashion list. Recently there have been the fast growing high end jeans or as called in some stores or websites as selvedge or selvage which is the way the fabric is produced. It is made on a shorter loom so it takes longer to make producing a higher quality and a heavier fabric hence more expensive. Every male should own one pair of these high end jeans even if they are bought at a factory stores at a discount or used from a consignment shop or paying top dollar at a high end store they should own one. These blue jeans are not going away any time soon, so expect to continue to see them on celebrities and the on the street male. Of course one pair is enough of these so you will still need several pairs that are cheaper to buy. The trends vary from a dark wash to a light wash but ripped or washed out or worn in, whichever sobriquet you choose they are still hot and in style. And apparently the skinny tight look is slowly, very slowly changing to a bit more fabric and not so tight.
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