Latest hair tips for men

When we talk about hair, it is easy to forget the men of the world. So much attention is given to women’s hair and styles that men are often kind of left on the sidelines with a confused look on…

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Fragrance gift sets for girls by laura biagiotti

Laura Biagotti began her life dreaming of being an archeologist. All her life Italy swirled around her like a dream, blending the glories of ancient Rome, the elegance of renaissance Venice, and the vibrant heartbeat of modern Italy into a…

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Skin Care Tips for Modern Men

No matter the age of neither the man nor what he does for a living there are certain skin care tips that transcend the ages and the years. For many years facial skin care was solidly in the realm of…

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What Man Should Not Do With Cologne

A man’s fragrance can say a lot about him and about how he acts. However, you need to remember that not everyone knows what they SHOULDN’T do with cologne. So here are a few tips for you and any other…

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Picking Cologne for Men

Picking cologne is like picking a good bouquet of flowers. You want something simple, yet elegant and something that compliments the other scents. But how do you do this? Altitude cologne for men by Swiss Army Firstly, Axe and Tag…

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Men Perfume Tips

The application of perfume in men is a complex process that requires a lot of planning. There are some areas that are supposed to be applied to allow them to have the maximum effect. Therefore, before you start using perfume, you got…

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