What Man Should Not Do With Cologne

A man’s fragrance can say a lot about him and about how he acts. However, you need to remember that not everyone knows what they SHOULDN’T do with cologne. So here are a few tips for you and any other men you know! First of all, less is more. You don’t want a girl to be able to smell you across the hall—the closer she has to get to smell you, well…the closer she is! This goes for grown men and grown women as well. Don’t wear too much cologne. It can also cause breathing problems for those who have asthma or other problems with their breathing. Next, do not put cologne on dirty clothing and expect it to smell good. A lot of times you get a weird mix of both scents that is just disgusting. Instead, wash the shirt, sock, etc, and save the cologne for a clean tee-shirt. Use the same cologne daily. This is boring, but can also be irritating. You should also take a few days off. You don’t have to wear it everyday—in fact, it would probably be better if you just used the cologne for special occasions. Not testing cologne. Sometimes, you need to seriously consider whether or not that cologne will smell right on you. If the chances are that it will smell horrible or just smells funky, don’t continue wearing it. These are all just a few tips!
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