Skin Care Tips for Modern Men

No matter the age of neither the man nor what he does for a living there are certain skin care tips that transcend the ages and the years. For many years facial skin care was solidly in the realm of women other than perhaps hand cream. But finally men are realizing that some basic skin care other than just washing the face with a bar of soap is really essential to keep the skin healthy and clean. Healthy skin requires some form of cleansing so wash the face daily with a non-deodorant soap. A man’s face has larger and more pores than a woman’s face so they attract more dirt and are greasier. This is important because first of all the face really doesn’t benefit from soap that prevents or minimizes body order so don’t pay for that and stick to a basic soap. Second deodorant soap tends to dry out the skin and leave a film. Second moisturize the face at least daily. Choose one that has no smells and few additives. And use it all over the face. Third if you can get past the idea, use a facial scrub. There are facial cleansing products marketed for men so you don’t have to be seen in the woman’s beauty department. If you have a female variety significant other or wife you certainly can use hers without embarrassment. Choose a gentle one. The intent is not to scour the skin or treat the skin like it is a piece of wood that needs to be sanded.
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