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When talking about precious stones and jewellery, one natural stone can’t go without mentioning. And that is the precious ruby stone which you can acquire jewellery crafted from it online. It is one of the most coveted gems in the world since time immemorial because of its rarity and sheer beauty. It can be described as a charming red gemstone with great value and has been a prized possession for centuries, and has even been used to symbolize many great and appealing values. Rubies showcase some level of class with unparalleled brilliance, but they can also be used to represent love, wisdom, life, and wealth in the past and in the present times.

The stones have a very long history as they were worn by those in power and leadership positions. Some cultures also considered them to be natural stone jewellery meant for kings. Throughout history, it’s written that the kings of various places owned these rare natural stones and many more minerals. They natural stones were placed in crowns, rings, worn as necklaces, used to make buttons for shirts and coats for the royalty, and even placed in their staff to show power, class, bravery, wealth, and the kings’ wisdom.

The Appearance of Rubies and Their Properties

Rubies have a bright red or some shade of pink colour that differentiates them from other rocks that fall into the same class but with different colours. That is why they were called curbuncolourum by the ancient Romans. curbuncolourum meant small burning or ignited coal and were very prized and valuable. Some rubies have an intense saturated or concentrated colour, while some have light colours. The ones with concentrated colour intensity are the most sought after and more valuable. When observed closely against a strong light, the inside seems like many crystals stacked together, but it is one whole entity.

Rubies are incredibly strong precious minerals and are ranked after diamonds with a score of 9.0 in the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. They can’t even be dissolved in the strongest concentrated acids making them the most durable after diamonds. Natural occurring rubies contain some imperfections in colour and inclusion of rutile needs, which help identify artificially made rubies.

Beliefs and Myths Surrounding Wearing of Rubies

Possessing and wearing Jewellery made of rubies has for a long time been believed to come with some benefits to the person wearing them. One could become extremely lucky when they possessed one and could even grow in riches. Depending on culture, people came up with many beliefs. Some of the beliefs include:

It was Believed to be the Stone of Courage and Symbolized Blood

Due to its blood-like appearance, many associated it with the fluid that sustains the human body. The soldiers were believed to have a special connection to the precious rock as it was believed to bring courage and invulnerability. Some went as far as inserting the rock into their flesh to gain its properties since wearing it was just not enough. They believed the stone would heal wounds and stop bleeding when in wars and protect them from cuts and injuries.

It was the stone of protection

It was worn as a talisman, and even to this time, some still do it. It is believed to have some mystical properties and powers that protect the wearers from various harms like voodoo and dark magic against them. It was believed to inspire peace to the wearer when worn as a necklace and placed on the chest’s left side where the heart is. They believed that it would bring good luck to the family and no harm would even come close to them or their wealth.

Benefits of Owning and Wearing Rubies-Made Jewellery

People believed that these stones were magical and could provide some benefits to the body and even with the people around you. That came about if you drank elixirs made from the rubies or just wearing them as jewels. Some of the most significant benefits and properties of the rubies are;

They are Used in Litho Therapy

Litho therapy means healing or curing using unique precious stones like rubies. Rubies are said to give out some positive energy from within that would give them the litho therapeutic properties. The red colour was also a significant symbol that would show the stone’s healing properties. Some of the Litho therapeutic benefits to the physical body are:

  • Treating headaches, fevers, and common colds.
  • Helps and protects one from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Can be used as a remedy to counter the effects of various poisons and even reduce the effects poisons can have on the body.
  • Prevent and protect people from kidney-related diseases and improve how they function.
  • It can help in weight management and prevent one from becoming obese.
  • It can help one prolong his lifespan and live for more years.
  • It acts as an aphrodisiac that improves your bedroom activities greatly.

Rubies-Made Jewellery and Modern Times

It is not that common in these modern times to find many men wearing jewellery with precious stones as they are left for women. This is also because men are used to wearing leathers and precious metals like Gold as their jewellery. But in the past few years, men have started embracing the new fashions and the number wearing gemstones pulling off a bold look with things changing in the fashion industry. To cope up with the change, men who want to be still stylish have opted to go with the most precious stone, the rubies. The natural stone jewellery is still the best option for men to date since a lot of men still wear it on their necks, fingers, and wrists.

A well-dressed man who incorporates the red gemstone to his outfits is seen to be more elegant, courageous, have dignity, have confidence, and have a more commanding power. For this reason, the precious stone is more suitable for a man in these modern times.

How Rubies are Incorporated into Modern Fashion

Jewellery made from natural rubies can be very costly. Even when they are small in size, their rarity makes them still expensive. However, if you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, you can find some affordable men’s rubies jewellery online and rock the bold and elegant look that will make you stand out from the rest. If you are the quiet type, you can wear rubies jewellery without showing the whole world that you are rich or wealthy. Below are some of the ways to wear your natural stone crystals and be elegant doing it.

Incorporate Rubies into your Outfits during Special Occasions

For men, wearing jewellery made of rubies does not seem to be very appropriate for many activities like going to work and other official environments or even just walking about. But they are very suitable for special occasions and even non-formal environments like parties, weddings, all-white parties, black tie events, hanging out with friends, and all fun social activities. It brings out your classiness maybe when you wear that ruby incorporated necklace or studs.

You can also pull off the elegant and stylish look in official environments if you don’t mind showing off your wealth by wearing a watch studded with rubies or wearing a ring with this rock.

Wear Your Rubies in a Subtle Manner

For men, wearing too much jewellery only makes one seem like a show off, and it is actually not classy at all. One should always try to wear rubies jewellery in such a way that it can be noticed to complement the outfit and make you elegant but not draw too much attention. But if you are looking to capture the attention of others to your wealth, big rubies will do that.

To become subtle and classy, one can wear small rubies studs or a wristwatch studded with small rubies. You should always follow the rule of men’s jewellery, which is to wear a maximum of only two pieces at a time. Like you can wear only studs paired with a wristwatch embedded with rubies or any other combination of two. Always follow the two jewellery set rule, and you can be sure to be subtle and pull off a classy look with your natural stone jewellery.


Rubies have been and are still the perfect jewellery for men. They bring out all the good values one wants and give the wearer some aspect of confidence, boldness, and power as a man. With the long history the stone has, and will remain to be a valuable rock for a very long time, and owning one will always be a goal to many.

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