Latest hair tips for men

When we talk about hair, it is easy to forget the men of the world. So much attention is given to women’s hair and styles that men are often kind of left on the sidelines with a confused look on their faces. When it comes to men’s hair, there are a few tried and true tips to follow that will keep you looking good and well-groomed without making you go out on a limb with a new style. Keeping within these tips will help you stay off the metaphorical “worst hair” lists of your life. As a general rule, men should keep their hair, at a minimum, shoulder length. This of course depends on your personal style and whether your face and style can handle longer hair, but having hair that is longer than should length can do a lot toward making you look more womanly than manly, and even help you be taken less seriously in work and other areas of your life. If you opt for long hair, it is an absolute must to take good care of this long style so that you look well-groomed and not grungy. Another good rule of thumb about men’s hair has to do with coloring. Generally speaking, it is more acceptable for men to “grow old gracefully” and allow a little gray to stay than it is for women. Men are often thought to look more mature, distinguished and even more handsome with a little gray, whereas women rarely allow gray hair to take over. Try asking the stylist to leave in a little gray when you get colored to keep that distinguished look in your life.
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