Trousers for Men

There are changing trends in all parts of fashion each year even in men’s fashions but some years, a person might notice that they are only a slight change from the year before. When it comes to men’s trousers for 2011, this is what has seemed to have happened. While there are new types of trousers, some of them are do proceed with fashions from 2010 – they are simply adding on some new ideas at the same time.

Trendy Trousers for Men

Military style, while that is not a new style, is coming back for 2011 but with some extra features. These trends are looking back to the 40’s and 50’s. There are some wonderful trousers on the market that are aviator style but with slightly different kinds of cuts as well as the use of velvet cloth in them to give a softer look and feel. These trousers have military style boots and coats to match to give the whole aviator/military style look. The skinny look has been in for some time and there are still trousers taking on that look but the new cut offers a military cut for these skinny pants as well. It offers a higher sense of masculinity through the slimmer waist and the slim trousers and even more so when the jacket that broadens the shoulders, is worn to accompany the trousers. Velvet is the material that is being used for these new trends but when trousers are being worn with velvet jackets, the trousers can be a different material. There is no need for a whole velvet suit to look great. Mixing and matching materials is in for the New Year.
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