Brooches for trendy men

When you think about it, there really are not that many fashion accessories for men. Especially when you compare what is available for men to what is available for women. Of the fashion accessories that do exist for men, most of them seem to be involved with a sub-culture or a movement that most men just are not interested in, so they end up going without accessories. However, men’s brooches are one accessory that can look good on any man and easily crosses any sub-culture lines. Men’s brooches are slowly making a comeback and they are the perfect accessory for any season. They can be very dainty or heavy, have intricate details or be made simply. Currently, men’s brooches seem to be taking their cue from the current Cool Britannia revival. The most popular brooches have old-world motifs like stag heads and are designed after English, Scottish, and Anglo-Saxon designs. You can find brooches at all kinds of designer stores. You can find them at Gucci for example, Urweg, and Yoox. You can also decide to go with more vintage and classical brooches. If you want to go this route, try vintage stores and even eBay where people are often selling their brooches. These look great on the breast of a sports coat or the lapel of a suit. They are also excellent conversation pieces. You can easily grab someone’s attention with a nice brooch; after all, how often does one see a brooch of a roaring lion or a Celtic dragon on the breast pocket of a man’s coat?
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