Fashion tips for mens suits

Believe it or not, very few men can actually wear a suit right off the rack and have it fit properly. In fact, the men that go in and buy a suit off the rack and then decide never to have it adjusted usually end up looking like a bad joke. You should always use a tailor. Sleeves sometimes need narrowing, pants shortened, and jackets brought in. You should also make sure that buttons are lined up properly with the buttonholes, because this can throw your look off. And since most men’s shoulders are not entirely even, your jacket could easily be sitting just a little bit off center. If you do buy your suit off the rack, make sure to buy your correct size. Then you should go to a tailor and have it customized to fit you even better. Most likely, the suit that you believe is your correct size is actually too large for you. This doesn’t mean buy a size smaller off the rack – just let your tailor make adjustments. Your shoulders should be hugged by your suit, and the suit should not jut out past your shoulders. Your sleeves should stop at the hinge of the wrist and pants should break once and never dissolve into a baggy mess all over your heels. It’s essential to have a tailor adjust your suit if you want to be stylish. Another option is to have your suit custom made. This means that everything will fit you correction and if you always need to have lots of alterations done, this may be the most economical decision for you. Know when to cuff your pants. Never cuff your pants if you are wearing a trim, modern suit that has flat-front pants but you can wear on if you are wearing a single pleat. Just make sure it’s no more than one and a half inches deep ever.
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