What Garments to Wear with a White Shirt

Name one guy who does not have at least one button down shirt. It he does, then this means that that shirt is most likely the most used shirt in the wardrobe. We all know that the white shirt is one of the most versatile shirts there is. Men would most like to pair it with almost all kinds of garments in the closet. But this need not be so. You can always breathe life into new fashion styles with this list.

White Shirt + White Pants

This pair up sounds refined. To get the right look, find white pants in the lightest material yet not so transparent do your booty wont be seen it. A not-so-expensive piece will just do the trick. Lest you want those expensive pair be soiled with something that is colored red. For a bit of punch, wear something like a blazer to cut the monotony of whiteness. In the daytime, wear something like a pair of sunglasses to give out coolness.

White Shirts + Shorts

For the summer, try mixing your white shirts with shots. This is the opposite of wearing white shirts with dress pants, only comfortable and catchier. One needs to know the importance of shorts for these are inexpensive and can be matched with other clothes in your wardrobe for utter coolness. Tailored shorts give this air of casualness. Make sure you avoid having something with prints and patterns and anything with drawstrings.

White Shirt + Colored Cardigan

If you want women to look at you and keep on looking at you, wear your white shirt with a colored cardigan. Nothing like the basics like blue, gray and black; inject some punch to it. If you are on the more conservative type, wear the cardigan in camel color.
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