Tips on How to Buy a Fitted Suit

Buying a fitted suit can be a bit of a task if you aren’t used to buying your own clothing. The question is—how precisely do you go about buying a fitted suit. And what on earth is a fitted suit? First of all, men are gravitating towards smaller clothing nowadays. The giant gangster type suits from the years passed are slowly being surpassed by the fitted suit, which is a suit of different proportions—literally. A fitted suit is a suit in which the shoulders are slimmer and the hemlines are shorter. It’s fairly simple and not all that different. When choosing a suit to buy, you want to look not only at the suit, but also at you. Firstly, make sure that your suit fits you right. If you’re a big guy, make sure your suit is big enough. If you’re a little guy, the same thing in reverse. Now, say that you find a suit that you really like. It looks great on you—really, truly great. But the legs are too short for comfort. What do you do? Well, ask the sales associates if they have any suits that are a little bit lengthier. The same goes for if it’s too long for your tastes. Dark colors, especially navy and black, are great color choices. They are not only slimming (which is the idea with fitted suits), but also are great for any occasion, whether it’s a business meeting or your wedding.
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