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Latest Popular Styling Tips for Men

Nothing looks better than a man who is clean and presentable. A man need not even wear the latest trend in fashion, for as long as he follows these simple tips then he can immediately give the perfect first impression. It is no cliché, but first impression really does last, so make yourself as stylish as you can be. Simplicity is the keyword. Just be yourself when you choose clothes to wear. It may look good on the models when they wear a tank top over skinny jeans, but if you do not have the built for it, might as well forget it. Same thing for big jeweleries that look good on rappers. In time you will find your own style that best fit your personality but in the meantime try to minimize over doing when dressing up. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Make sure that the shirt or coat you are wearing is clean. There is no worst turn off than to see a man whose shirt or coat is not only clean but crumpled as well. It is also to wear the right footwear. Jeans go well with rubber shoes but if you have to wear a coat, choose a pair of shoes that would suit it appropriately. Wearing of flip flops is a big no-no especially when it is not summer. It is not at all cool to show your unclean hair toes especially when you are going on a date and trying to impress someone. Same goes for pyjamas, it is not at all nice to wear them outside. Boxers are underwear and not shorts to be worn outside your room.
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