Pink Color For Men, Is It In Trend?

Pink was once known to be a feminine color and a color that men should not wear. Time has changed and now, more men have begun wearing pink, as it has become a trend among men. Men can still wear pink and look good in the color, but certain shades of pink should be avoided.

Pink color can be very cool

Men should avoid wearing a fuchsia color if they have very light skin tone. Most pinks that are in trend are usually the light to medium toned pinks. Some men can pull off the magenta color if they pair it with a neutral color. Men who wear pink can pair off the color with khaki, tans and certain blues. There is such a thing as overdoing a good thing. Pink is a trendy color for men, but that does not mean men should wear a pink shirt with a pink jacket with pink shoes and so on. The pink should be toned down with a neutral color for a more natural look and too avoid looking like a walking flamingo. Another great look for men is pairing off a pink dress shirt with jeans or trousers. A pink button down dress shirt looks great paired with a slightly darker shade pink blazer and blue jeans. Pink pinstripe button down shirts go well with a solid pink blazer in both a lighter and darker shade. Pink should not be a color that men should be afraid to wear. Many women will find a man that wears pink is sexy and is not afraid to show his feminine side.
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