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There was a time, during the early days of the internet when online clothes shopping was regarded as either a waste of time or a supreme convenience. But new technical developments and innovative marketing strategies are bringing the benefits of real world shopping to online clothes shopping. One wonderful improvement to online shopping is to make this experience a communal one rather than an individual experience. Now you can shop with friends, even friends living in another part of the world and even create looks together. This was introduced by Motilo, a pioneering UK based online shopping site. This is made possible by in-house stylists assisting the clothes choices from websites all over the world. It has also changed the face of retailing, facilitating the discovery and sharing among brands while allowing users to discover and share even with strangers with the same preference. Online shopping sites makes scrolling and browsing through the inventory of online stores a lot of fun and make it easier and faster for users to find what they want. In fact they have even addressed one of the earlier criticism thrown at online clothes shopping – the fact that buyers can’t fit the clothes, with new technologies such as the True Fit Technology and the Virtual 3D Fitting room. Now that online clothes shopping is now approximating the advantage and edge of physical shopping, traditional retailers with their brick-and-mortar stores are also integrating the best features of digital shopping in their operation to be able to keep up. Shopping clothes online has made shopping very simple and convenient. You need not brave the crowds in malls and boutiques. You can shop at the convenience of your own home and have at your fingertips a side selection of choices. Brands that are not usually found in one store, are all available in one shopping site on the net. Counting all the shopping sites online, the magnitude or scale of choices is mind boggling.
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