Must Have Fashion Items for Fashionable Men

Some men feel that being fashion conscious is only for the ladies and a big waste of money. Even if you share this sentiment, you must admit that there is still a need to have some basic wardrobe essentials so that you will look presentable when an occasion asks for it. Here are the must-have wardrobe items for you guys:


A guy should have at least one pair of suit in his wardrobe, even for guys who do not need them for work. A suit is a classic wardrobe article for guys just as the little black dress is for women. There will be occasions that will call for a suit such as weddings, formal office parties and the like that you cannot avoid attending. Even if you don’t normally wear a suit, if it is well fitting and classic, you will look nifty and elegant when you attend these events. A black suit is ideal, but you have other options such as brown, grey or navy. Make sure that you invest in a suit with a classic cut rather than trendy and this suit will give you a lot of mileage.


Jeans are the most versatile wardrobe item for guys. They are comfortable and easy to adapt to any style. This is the perfect pair of pants for a casual look and can be paired with t-shirts, button – down shirts and even dress shirts depending on what the occasion is and where and when you are going. Get yourself a pair of straight-leg jeans, the most classic of all jean types. .

Fitted Shirts

Fitted shirts are also a must-have wardrobe items for guys. This is the perfect shirt to wear under your suit and can also be worn paired with your jeans for a more casual look. It will lend you chic and elegance.

Trench coat or a Leather jacket

For the cooler or colder season, you will need a coat. A trench coat or a leather jacket is one classic outerwear that will serve you well. They are both chich asnd stylish but classic enough to last you a long time.
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