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Suits now have sidetracked from the basic colors to a funkier and fashionable designs. This is also true in the patterns that men use for their suits. It may seem that solid colors in suits may still hold its position as the top in suit patterns and colors, some other designs have slowly crept their way to the top five. Of course the herringbone and the pinstripe patterns will always be there being part of the top three positions, some other patterns have slowly gained their way the top five.

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Here are some other patterns that are beginning to become more popular.

Damier Check

Damier check is a pattern similar to that of the gingham. It is just without the white base that might tick you off when you wear a gingham patterned piece of clothing. It has regained its spot as being one of the more popular suit patterns of late because of the intensive popularity the House of Louis Vuitton has done to it. We have him to thank for this as he made it part of his menswear line. There is a logical reason why it is better off as a sports coat. It is a rather busy design, too busy for a formal suit. It is better paired off with a basic block colored- pants


A cousin of the pinstripe, as its name connotes, instead of a pin-thin style you normally see in a pinstripe pattern, the rope stripe has a thicker ropelike pattern.

Harris Tweed

It is just about time that the Harris Tweed is making its comeback. Fashion is just a cycle after all. What is unique about the Harris Tweed is that it is both a pattern as well as a fabric. A mixture of twill and herringbone pattern with tweed as its fabric, it is best worn during the cooler months, both as a suit and a sports coat.
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