Jeans for Men : Trends & Tips

What a little black dress does for a woman, a good pair of jeans do for a man. Men often cannot have enough pair of jeans in the same way that they cannot have enough pair of jeans. Basically there are two general types of jeans that you must have in your closet, these are slim fit and straight cut. A slim cut, which is also called by many as skinny jeans, is ideal if you want to how off how good your legs are. There is no use spending so much time working out in the gym if you cannot flaunt the fruits of your hard work when you wear jeans. On the other hand, a straight cut is what they call also the classic cut. Ever since the jeans started and has become a must piece of clothing for every man around the world, straight cut was already in style. You cannot go wrong with this type of jeans regardless what your body type is. A slim cut would only look good if worn by men with lean body but a straight cut would fit just anyone. In order to be trendier this year, you may fold your jeans by an inch, just enough to shoe your ankle and your socks. Cropped jeans will certainly be in this year. When it comes to washes of jeans, there are two types also: dark and faded. Just like with straight cut, dark washed jeans will never go out of style. Almost any color of tops will complement it perfectly. When you have faded washed jeans, be sure to wear something with dark shades as top.
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