Impressing in an Interview, Fashion Tips for the Job Hunting

Interviews can be just as stressful for men as they can for women, and for good reason. Going into an interview worrying about how your outfit looks and if you are dressed appropriately doesn’t help the initial stress of wanting to impress with your answers, either. So going into this interview, you can do many things as a guy, fashion-wise, to help your odds and help you feel more confident to boot. Tip number one: ask the secretary or manager who schedules your interview what the general idea of the dress code for the company is. Based on his/her answer you can choose your outfit. This will help you feel more confident and impress the future boss as well, by dressing the part. Tip number two: dress like a man. Button up tee shirts and khakis are for little boys – for a serious office job, you will want to dress as a serious businessman. A shirt, tie and blazer or suit jacket and pants is a must. Tip number three: dress as comfortably as possible while still staying professional. If you have one suit that is more comfortable than others, wear that one. Being comfortable will help you stay confident and positive for the interview and the job ahead. Dressing the part for an interview as a man doesn’t have to be as complicated and confusing as you think. Being comfortable, confident, stylish and professional is the key to doing what you need to do to impress the boss and land that dream job.
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