How to Dress for an Interview

New job. This is your aim. Maybe it’s your first time to have an interview. Or may you were part of the downsizing of your former company. You applied. You are going to have n interview. Either way, you will go to that interview. But how do you dress properly for an interview? The job market is not getting easier these days. Dressing up may not give you the job but we both know that there is power in looking and fitting for that job description. Luckily, the style need not break the bank and buy a Zegna. Many men fall into this idea that if they buy something expensive, like a designer label, they would just get noticed. Style goes beyond the designers. Your style will tell determines how you look, how a suit would look in your body and how it can flatter it. In addition to these, your taste and how you make your wardrobe will be the factors.


The first thing a man needs to know is the kind of industry he would want to work in. There is no point in having stress on how the new suit will look on you when you need not be in a full suit in the first place. For example, if you aim for a spot in the creative industry, like let’s say, graphics design, you really don’t have to wear a suit after all. They may find you too stuffy if you do that. You can wear that blazer of cardigan if you want to.

Work with what you have

It is not about being tacky or wearing ill-fitting clothes. If you have nothing to wear presentable in your wardrobe, than go to your favorite tailor and have them redone.

Shop for the basics

A basic like white button-down shirts is a must. This is interview friendly. You need not have that in expensive brand.
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