How to Choose the Color of a Dress Shirt for Men

In a group of dark suited men, the guy with an arrestingly colored dress shirt will surely stand out, either in a flattering or unflattering way. This is because the first thing other people observe about a man’s dress shirt is its color. What separates the man from the boy is his ability to mix and match colors that will make him either stand out or blend well in a crowd, depending on his wishes and desires. This can only come from a total understanding of what colors will suit them; the tone of their complexion, the color of their hair and even the color of their eyes.

Jake Gyllenhaal Fashion Style – Blue Dress Shirt

When choosing what color would work best for a man, the main factors to consider are the tone of his complexion, the color of his hair. It is unfortunate that most men choose colors for their outfit based on the current trends, what other men wear and what colors they are used to. This accounts for a sea of dark suited men with either a white or blue dress shirt. The color of a man’s eyes only comes into play in choosing colors that will suit them when it strongly differs from his skin tone or hair color. This is an opportunity to opt for colors that would otherwise be uncomplimentary to a man. For men whose hair color is in complete contrast with their skin tone such as a man with fair skin but very dark hair like black or very dark brown, he will be best served by copying said dissimilarity in his choice of colors for his clothes. Dark suits matched with a light colored dress shirt particularly a white dress shirt or dark shirts with light colored suits are what would distinguish this male. Ties that are in strong contrast with the color of their dress shirt will truly make this guy a real winner. Men with light skin tone and light hair, men with thinning hair or even balding men, and even men with red hair will look super in monochromatic colors. Clothes with strong contrast will overwhelm him. Dark colored shirts such as dark blue or earth tones paired off with dark suits or the other way around are the colors for men of this category. Men with dark skin tone and dark hair are lucky since they can get away with either high contrast clothes or monochromatic clothes.
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