How to Care for Your Suit

Suits are some of your most expensive clothing items. With all the money that you invest on your suits, it’s but right that you take proper care of it so that you can maximize its usage and have it looking great all the time. Here are some tips on how to care for your suit:

Hang it properly

The first rule in the proper care of your suit is to hang it properly. But no ordinary hanger would do. With the passage of time, cheap and ordinary hangers will from permanent wrinkle in the suit coat’s shoulders. There are hangers made especially for suits, such as padded or wooden hangers use them to hang your suits.

Keep your suit moth damage free

Wool suits are susceptible to moth damage, so the next tip on how to care for your suit is hang it in a cedar closer. To most of us, this is one tip that might be difficult to do since a cedar lined closet is something that most of us do not have. Another alternative to keep your suit moth damage free is to use mothballs. Yuck! Not acceptable either. Mothballs have a very strong smell that is rather offensive. Your best option then is to store your suit in an airtight storage bag that will keep moths out.

Keep your suit pocket empty

Don’t use your suit pocket in lieu of a clutch bag where you store keys, money clips, change and other doodads. The weight of these items will deform your suit pocket and strain the seams.

Use a clothes brush

Always brush your suit with a clothes brush every time you take it off and before hanging or keeping it. Brushing your suit with a clothes brush is the best way to clean it and keep it looking great.

Dry clean suits once per season

Dry cleaning your suit very often is not advisable. The ideal would be once per season unless there is a need for it. Have it steamed, spot clean or pressed in between dry cleaning to keep it clean. Care for your suit properly and it will serve you well for a long time.
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