How Fashionable Men Should Wear Colors

Men should not fear colors; in fact they should embrace it. A flair for colors is a great advantage to a guy. This will make his life not only colorful but truly exciting. Experimenting on colors is a great way to show- off one’s creativity and style it also is a great way to attract attention. Here are some tips on how men should wear colors: • Wear colors for summer Summer is the best time to experiment on colors. No one would blink an eye if you show up in the bright dazzling colors of summer. When choosing your colors however, make sure that the colors you have chosen flatter your skin and hair tone. • Avoid beige shirts Beige should not be worn close to the face, it is not a flattering color worn around the face. It is a boring and dull color. • Ultramarine blue or French blue is your best option Ultramarine blue otherwise called French blue is a rich blue color that flatters most skin tones. It is a great color for a dress shirt or a button-down shirt. You’ll never go wrong with this color • Avoid bright colored socks Colored socks are acceptable when they are either argyle or striped socks but never solid-colored socks. • Keep colors close to the face The best way to wear colors is for tops; tee-shirts, dress shirts, button-down shirts even ties to brighten up your look. Colors, the right colors will give a warm hue to your skin. • Green is this season’s color Green is the color this summer. it is cool, soothing and connotes growth, health and rebirth. There are so many shades of green that you can choose from to agree with your skin tone, emerald, beryl, grass green, moss green, Kelly green and more.
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