Fashion tips for skinny men

Not every man can look like the action stars. Some men are naturally skinny, or they work hard to keep a skinnier physique. Unless you have an eating disorder, there is nothing wrong with being a skinny man. Some men don’t like looking skinny however. These men would prefer to look like they have a bit more weight to them than they do. These are usually the thin guys who are looking to bulk up and have changed their eating habits in order to do so. However, there are easy ways to use your clothing to make it appear that you are not as skinny as you are if you would rather appear larger. For example, when you buy blazers go for light shoulder padding. This will make your upper body appear more muscular. Do not think that bigger is better! While small shoulder pads will give your back and chest a bit of a visual boost, you’ll look cheap and childish if the shoulder pads are too big. Also, avoid slim-fitting shirts if you want to appear larger. Slim-fitting is ok but don’t go for the skinny trend. Instead you should choose tops that are fitted and will allow a bit of movement in your midsection because this will hide a small ribcage. Don’t wear clingy fabrics unless you want to emphasize your thinness. Make sure your blazers are tailored to fit you properly and don’t have any loose fabric under your arms. Also, be consistent. You don’t want fitted pants with an oversized shirt for example, or the fact that you’re a skinny guy will be very obvious. All your jackets should fall just under your rear end. Longer jackets will make you look like a stick person while shorter ones will emphasize everything that you don’t want to.
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