Dressing Your Size: Large Men

When you are a big guy, you are quite limited to the number of styles and clothing patterns you can pull off. The trend in men’s clothing now is leaning more towards the much leaner guys, so you chances of acquiring clothes may be limited as well. A large man need not be very tall, though it is the most common notion we have. A large size would technically mean that you are larger than the average weight size. Fit is one of the most important considerations you need when you are a large man. If you are a large man with a physically fit body, you need to select clothing that would skim through your whole body. To direct the attention to the face, a large man should have tops that have details on the shoulders or with structured shoulders. For the bottom part, it is better if the jeans are on the relaxed fit. Baggy clothes, like in any oversized clothing will only emphasize your size. Some large men also like to wear tight clothing. This is also a mistake. Large men should also prefer to wear dark colors like black, navy blue and shades of brown. Because of dark colors, your large frame will be reduced. Dark colors should also be strategically placed where body parts may emphasize size, like the butt. In addition to this, it is better to pair monochromatic schemes so the vision is fluid from head to toe, rather than cutting the body in half. Large patterns should also be avoided as it would also emphasize your large frame. Large-framed men should also stay away from light colored bottoms. Wool sweaters, bulky pants as well as baggy clothing should be steered away by large men. When large men stand tall, they also create the illusion of being thin. Large men should take note of the posture. When anybody has good posture, they tend to ooze with confidence. One more thing, good grooming habits should also be exercised.
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