Dress Code Tips For Men

Schools, offices, clubs, groups, and even families can potentially have dress codes that you have to follow. So how do you as a modern man get around those dress codes to let your uniqueness shine through? The good news is that dressing stylishly and confidently is possible even with the strictest of dress codes – the trick is working yourself into the existing rules. Shorts – it can be tough to wear shorts with style if you are limited in what type and style you are allowed to wear. To get around this rule, try wearing a unique and stylish belt, or buy shorts in unique fabrics (think corduroy, khaki or camo) in order to stand out from the crowd. Button downs – try wearing a fun buttonhole or adding manly and stylish buttons onto the shirt for a fun twist. Shoes – shoes are fortunately the most fun and workable aspects of a dress code. Unless your work or school offers activities in which certain shoes can hurt you, it is likely that they will be the best aspect to play around with. Try adding bright colored shoe strings in your sneakers, or wearing classy flip flops in leather or woven fabrics. Ties – One of the first things people will see in your uniform or outfit, ties can be tricky to get around in the dress code. Instead of fighting whether to wear them, however, look for extra skinny or wide ties in fun patterns and designs (usually as long as there’s nothing offensive, it will work) to find a unique look in your own personal style.
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