Cardigans for Men for Stylish Fashion Look

For guys who are not the sports jacket type, a cardigan is a must-have wardrobe item. The beauty of a cardigan is that it is an all-season type of clothing item. When the nights become chilly in summer, a cardigan will come in handy. Cardigans have not really gone out of style but it was relegated to an old-man’s wear in the past. Recently though, cardigans have been included in the collections of many male fashion designers. This resurgence in interest for cardigans could have been inspired by celebrities who have taken to wearing this clothing item. Daniel Craig and David Beckham, considered male fashion icons, have been seen showing- off very smart cardigans and wearing it with flair and confidence. The new cardigan is no longer used just to provide warmth. It has become a fashion statement for fashion-forward gents. They are worn to work or for an evening out on the town. It can be a casual wear or a formal wear depending on the color, design and the purpose for which it was worn. When worn with a shirt and jeans, a cardigan becomes a smart casual wear but when a suit jacket and tie are added, it becomes a great formal outfit. Versatility is what sets cardigan apart from the other types of clothing item such as a sports coat or a jacket. It is stylish at the same time very practical. Cardigans are best worn close to the body. Wearing it in this manner lends to the wearer a refined and urbane look. It makes a man leaner as well. Baggy cardigans or cardigans worn over layers of clothing will make the wearer bulkier than he really is, and men don’t like that. It is believed that men who wear cardigans are comfortable with their sexuality and intelligent to boot.
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