Beach Fashion Tips For Men

If looks could kill, they probably would. On the beach especially. For men, fashion faux pas are harder to pull off on a beach than for women. However, it is still VERY possible, and unfortunately common, for men to commit these fashion sins while hitting the surf. Men can sometimes be clueless as to these faux pas, but they are easily correctable, depending on the problem, to fix these problems. All it takes is knowledge and a few tips. The absolute biggest beach faux pas in America today for men’s surf fashion is that of the speedo. Though it is much more acceptable and indeed seen in European countries, the speedo (vinyl tighty whitey style bathing suit) is not popular or appropriate on American beaches. Try swim trunks that hit at, just above or just below the knee for maximum fun and coverage. Head gear is another area of beach fashion that men seem to miss the mark on often in America. Sweat bands from the 80s are not widely acceptable. Neither are poker-style visors with green, see-through plastic. Hats among the acceptable varieties include modern style cowboy hats, regular baseball caps or visors, or even just sunglasses and a smile. Another fashion faux pas, even if it doesn’t apply directly to clothing, is to be lobster-red while jogging down the beach in a speedo. This is important because if you’re red, none of your beach wear is going to match! No really, not only is it painful, but it can be extremely unfashionable and unattractive.
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