Best Way to Wear Mens Belt

Having a smart belt is easy. However, wearing it in a way that is going to look appealing is another case. Belts worn by men make them look smart. When wearing a belt, ensure that you are going to consider some of those things that will help you look smart. Making the right choice is essential to ensure that you will be smart. Read on to understand how to dress in your belt appropriately. Determine the kind of occasion that you are attending. You can choose leather or simple belts when you are attending formal occasions. The casual attire can match with big buckled belts that have patterns. Jeans are suitable when worn with a belt that has a large buckle incorporated in it. Establish the color of clothes that you are going to wear. Your belt is supposed to match the colors of your clothes. If you are wearing black clothes, consider wearing black belts too. Matching belt color with the attire that you are wearing adds a classic touch in you. Have a wide selection of belts that will allow you to match the belts with the colors of the clothes that you often wear. Choose belt that is going to go through your whole waist. Let the belt go through all the clips in your trouser. Buckle the belt securely at the end of the trouser. The belt is supposed to hold the trouser securely but should press on your waist uncomfortably. Let the end that is loosely hanging be clipped in the fastener that is attached in the belt stem next to the buckle. If the hanging belt side is still long, let it go through the trouser clips to prevent it from hanging. Note that the thickness of your belt will be essential depending on the occasion you are attending. A belt for formal occasion is supposed to be less than 1.5 inches thick.
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