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Sunglasses were hardly beneficial in keeping out the harmful rays of the sun in early times. With the invention of the polarized lens, by Edwin H. Land, sunglasses went from keeping out the sun to blocking out harmful UV rays. For men who love adventure and sports, these polarized sunglasses serve best to protect eyes from the sun’s harmful glare. They are also quite handy indoors especially for those who love to spend hours in front of the computer the reason for this is because the polarized lenses can lessen the glare from anything bright so you can see better. This is why polarized sunglasses for men in 2010 are ideal for golfing, fishing, boating, and driving. Here, we will learn about the benefits of these shades and ways to test if your shades really are polarized. Extremely reflective surfaces release horizontal light waves. Polarized sunglasses function by filtering this specific light waves that cause glare. It only allows vertically polarized light to reach the eye which allows crystal-clear detail while considerably reducing the glare. Filters are made of a chemical film composed of molecules that align with one another in a horizontal fashion which is applied to the surface of the lens hence absorbing horizontal light waves. Surfaces such as glass, still water, or shiny metals can reflect a large amount of light into the man’s eyes, making it very difficult to focus on that particular surface and all the things that are around it. Practically, the greatest benefit of polarized sunglasses is protecting your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ray-Ban ‘New Classic’ Polarized Aviator Sunglasses by Nordstrom $189.00 To test if sunglasses are polarized, find a flat surfaced object that easily reflects light, like for example a countertop made of glass. Hold the glasses inches away from your face and look at the test object through the lens. Try rotating the lenses, and observe if there are changes in regards to reflection. You can tell if the glasses are not polarized if they do not have considerable difference on the quantity of reflection when rotating the lenses.
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