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Most women look good with oversized sunglasses. Men can also look good with this style. It is without a doubt that these oversized sunglasses come a long way since they debuted in the early parts of the twentieth century. Their huge lenses which can occupy a large part of the face are well received since can be polarized or mirrored. There is a wide selection in the market nowadays to choose from. They are manufactured using either plastic or metal. They still dominate the fashion today because of its sheer elegance. We will discuss about oversized sunglasses for men in 2010 and find out why they are back in style. If you still do not know about the image or look of oversized sunglasses for men then you might as well look for pictures of Elvis Presley. Elvis is very fond of this glasses that were very popular during the late 70’s and early 80’s, and apparently they are becoming popular again in 2010. Generally, these glasses are wider at the outer rim of the face and narrower toward the nose, with lenses that are a straight line across the top.

Oversized Sunglasses Can Look Amazing

These shades come in various shape. They can come with rectangular lenses. They were often curved to fit around the face. Naturally, the corners of the rectangle were rounded off. Another variation was the square glasses. This shape employs the same concept of that of the rectangular lenses. The final shape of oversized sunglasses and probably the least popular shape but deserves mention here are the round sunglasses. They were not as popular as the other shapes for they did not last long and were worn only by a few people. Metal frames became popular in the late 60’s with the rise of the Beatles. The oversized sunglasses also come in plastic frames, as mentioned a while ago. White and black plastic frames are the most popular.
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