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Sunglasses add additional spice to your outfit. Although men’s sunglasses are not as varied as that of women’s, men’s eyewear can look very stylish. In the fashion world, it is a nightmare to be caught wearing outdated and unattractive sunglasses. These have been around for a long period of time. Some are even resurfacing after a decade or two. Read through the article and find out men’s sunglasses trends in 2010. Probably the best style ever created is the aviator sunglasses. These shades have been a fashionable style of glasses for men for generations. Lately, they have become more of an accessory rather than a practical item. But nonetheless, these shades are both slick and functional. The trend seems to lean towards borderless to semi-borderless frames, ranging from the classic to rectangular shape lenses. Gradient lenses are becoming popular and it does give a much more stylish look. Aviators add to your masculinity, so although these shades also look good on women, they must stay in men’s eyewear. Another trendy style for men in 2010 is the men’s metal shield sunglasses that are chic and functional, especially for those who love outdoor activities. You can get away with wearing them every day on almost any occasion. With the right hairstyle and the right attire, you could look like a rockstar with this eyewear. One style viewed to steadily gain popularity has been wayfarer styles. This look was popular back in the early 90’s. The newer wayfarer styles do not show any considerable difference from those of two decades ago. These sunglasses with their characteristic plastic frames are popular today, in 2010. Its retro feel is well received, and many celebrities are now seen wearing them in different colours and prints. These sunglasses give both style and comfort along with a carefree impression.
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