Practical Shaving Tips for Men

Shaving is something that most men have to deal with every day or every second day even if they want to keep some facial hair. There are some tips to make this experience a little better and to keep the skin healthier. Waiting to shave until a little later in the morning for those who shave in the morning is a good idea. While sleeping, fluids tend to collect in the skin but letting this recede a bit by waiting until after the fluids have gone down a bit allows for a closer shave. Before shaving, it is recommended that a person use an exfoliating scrub on the skin to take away dead skin cells. There are scrubs that can be used every day while others should only be used every second or third day. It is wise to read the instructions on these. Any stubble on the face should be wetted using warm or hot water. This makes the hair shaft swell a little bit so that the hair is cut and not the skin. For a smoother shave, massage the shaving cream or gel into the stubble. This not only gives a smoother and closer shave, but it also helps to prevent razor burns. Using a sharp blade rather than a dull blade actually can prevent cuts and burns rather than giving them because dull blades tend to pull the skin along with the hair because it can’t cut the hair as efficiently. Using slow and short strokes while rinsing the blade often in hot water helps the process as well. Shaving might be a dread in the morning, especially with those who have sensitive skin but these tips can help make the process much better and the skin healthier and smoother.
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