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Bags are not just for women. Nor does a man have to go and find the most manly purse at the local department store. Men’s bags are masculine, attractive, and are extremely useful. They are great for carrying things to meetings or to a game, and even work well when a man needs to have a bag to carry things for his young child, but doesn’t want a diaper bag. Whatever bag you want to carry, choose one of the classic men’s bags and you can’t go wrong. The briefcase is probably the most traditional of the men’s bags. They haven’t changed much since they were invented, except that they are no longer boxy and sharp-cornered. They have lots of compartments, buckles, and usually a leather exterior that makes them good and tough.

Marc New York Denim & Leather Messenger Bag by Nordstrom $145.00

Messenger bags are great because they hold just about everything. They are often made of canvas but sometimes are made of nylon or even leather. They fit across the shoulder and over the chest, making them good for cities because no one can steal the bag, and are used by college students and professionals. The holdall bag is perfect for three-day business trips or weekend vacations. It’s inspired by a duffel bag, but is much more sleek and sophisticated.

Bosca Triple Compartment Leather Briefcase For Trendy Men by Nordstrom $565.00

The camera bag is a smaller version of a messenger bag, and is strapped across your shoulders. This rectangular bag is great for any man on the go and is a nice, stylish way to carry your belongings safely. The tote is the modern version of a briefcase. It’s perfect for casual business attire and usually has a nice, soft leather exterior. Black or chocolate brown are the best colors because they go with anything. A newsboy bag has a canvas exterior, making it nice and casual. It’s great for those who are on the go but holds everything that you need in a nice, convenient style.
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