Playing paintball to develop your strategic mind

Paintball is currently one of the most popular extreme sports in the United States. Basically, paintball is a means used to mark woods from a distance.  But in concrete terms, this sport was invented in 1970 by Australian breeders who wanted to mark their cattle. The aim of the game is to eliminate as many opponents as possible by spraying a coloured ball on them. It should be noted that this sport is played in teams and each team will be able to recognize itself thanks to a combination or a coloured armband. There is also a starting base for each team (most of the time it is at the other end of the playing area). There are three variations of paintball that we will see.

The military simulation or milsim paintball

As its name suggests, milsim paintball is a simulation of military strategy and tactics. It is a recreational practice that stages combat scenarios in conditions that are as real as possible. These events are called operations. To practice a milsim requires more concentration because the progression of the game is complex. Indeed, each team is under the orders of a superior who must lead and make that team progress. In this variation, if you are hit, you are not dead, but you have to stay on the ground throughout the operation until the action takes place in another sector. When you're out, you can't talk. But we can still be useful to our teammates if they need ammunition, weapons or shields. Paintball is one of the hobbies that most requires a strategic and analytical mind.


It's another variation of paintball. It is also called recreational paintball. It is the best known and most played variant of all because it is simpler and therefore more accessible to beginners. Its scenario is not complicated because it consists of "killing" your opponent with paintballs. Most of the time, recball consists simply of Team Deathmatch or to evict the opposing team completely. The scenario can also consist of taking the opponent's flag and bringing it back to the base. We can see that the scenarios in this variant are not very advanced. It can therefore be played to relax.


Speedball is one of the variants of paintball that requires strategy and a sharp mind. The game takes place in a small, symmetrical field that contains inflatable bunkers that serve as obstacles to challenge the players. Each player wears a uniform. Good teamwork and constant communication are necessary for success. There are speedball leagues that indicate the point system to be used for each game. But whatever the variant, the common point is always that a strategy must be established to methodically eliminate opponents.
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