Feel the thrill: test skydiving

Feel like getting out of the daily grind? If you like thrills, why not try skydiving? It's an activity that will allow you to forget your worries and live extreme moments. But before you go, here are some useful information to know.

What do you need to do skydiving?

Many people don't dare to take the plunge because skydiving is considered a dangerous activity. However, the risks are minimal compared to other team sports. Moreover, this discipline is very regulated in France and brings many benefits. Indeed, skydiving allows you to increase your self-confidence and to surpass yourself. Thus, the body will learn to better manage stress and the brain will be better able to cope with the difficulties of everyday life. To skydive, it is best to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. However, up there, the temperature usually drops most of the time. Therefore, plan to wear warm clothing. Other equipment will be provided by the centre and is included in the price: protective glasses, over-glasses, helmets, specialized suits, harness, parachute...

But when to go skydiving?

To practice skydiving, the minimum age is 15 years old, with a minimum of 40 kg with a maximum weight is limited to 95 kg in tandem. And a parental authorization is essential. Skydiving can be done in any season, all year round, even in winter. So you don't have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a unique experience. Nevertheless, it would be more enjoyable to jump on sunny days. In any case, it is very important to inquire about the weather, as the plane cannot take off when the weather is bad. In case of persistent bad weather, the instructor may have to postpone the session. In addition, find out about the centre of your choice. Some sites are closed between November and March. Others, on the contrary, offer very specific dates. Please note! The jump is non-refundable.

How much do you need for a skydiving jump?

The cost of a skydiving jump varies according to the destination and includes the cost of the equipment rental and the place in the plane. However, prices may be lower during the week. If you plan to do a PAC initiation jump, this formula will be increased by about a hundred euros. However, for other jumps, you will only pay a few dozen euros. It is therefore the most economical choice, but it is a formula which is not adapted to the most timid. Good to know: You can't jump with a camera. If you want to immortalize the moment, you have to pay extra to pay for the monitor so that it can film every moment?
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