How about if I go fishing?

Fishing is not just for hunters. It is also a leisure activity that increasingly appeals to people who wish to spend relaxing moments in a calm and safe place. But how does it work?

Why go fishing?

Fishing is an activity that combines sport and relaxation, and can be suitable for all ages. It can be practiced on the banks of a river, a lake or even on the beach. Moreover, this discipline allows you to learn patience and to enjoy outdoor recreation. Currently, there are several fishing practices, each of which requires its own equipment: crayfish fishing, fish fishing and sea fishing. In the beginning, you should not hesitate to rent your equipment. Then, if you are passionate about fishing, buy everything you need online or in specialized stores. It should be noted that fishing is prohibited in certain areas, including nature reserves, sluices, temporary fishing reserves, water passages in buildings and near locks and dams. In case of infringement, you are liable to a fine of 750 euros.

Is a fishing card compulsory?

To fish in fresh water, a fishing permit is compulsory, which is not the case if you plan to fish at sea. If you break the rule, you risk being fined by the relevant authorities (gendarmerie, police, forest guards or fishery wardens). However, it should be noted that the fishing card is valid for 1 year. In addition, you should also join an Association agréée de pêche et de protection du milieu aquatique (AAPPMA) to protect waterways. Thus, each angler is required to pay a membership fee to the association. The latter will then transfer the sum collected to the departmental fishing federation. Finally, for the practice of freshwater fishing, each angler must respect the regulations in force concerning the duration, fishing techniques and the quantity of catches.

Recreational sea fishing: what exactly is it?

If you opt for recreational fishing at sea, you are required to comply with the rules concerning the number of catches, the zones, the equipment used and the fishing period. Marine fishing can be either sport or recreational and the products of the fishery cannot be sold. There are three types of marine fishing: Recreational fishing on foot can be practised on a public maritime domain, on a river or canal provided the waters are salty. Fishing on board a boat must be accompanied by a driver's licence and a traffic card. Warning! You must equip yourself with a gear authorized by law! And underwater fishing. In this case, you must take out civil liability insurance.
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