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Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham & Fernando Torres Trendy Haircuts for Boys and Men

Have you wondered why Rod Stewart’s hair is standing up on pointed ends? You must be thinking, “What has he done to his hair?” Yes, he has spiked it up. The spiky haircut is all about shaping up your hair like the spikes. This hairstyle can give you a wild look to increase attractiveness in your personality. The macho look this hairstyle can add is tremendous.

David Beckham Haircut

It is up to you to decide to what length you want to grow your hair. Then you need certain hair products to shape the strands into spikes. Many hair products such as hair gels and hairsprays can be used for spiky hairstyles. Some people even prefer using hair wax. So just get your personal favorite hair products and start spiking your hair right away. Since it’s the soccer season, the possibility is high that you may want to idolize your favorite soccer star. Probably, you would like to don the Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle or the David Beckham or even Lionel Messi hairstyles.

Cristiano Ronaldo Hairstyle

The faux hawk hairstyle donned by Spanish footballer Fernando Torres is an absolute standout. This style focuses on raising the strands together on the centre of the head while the hair on the sides, are shaved to create a Mohawk. There can be short hair left to grow a little bit on the backside of the head. David Beckham is a perfect example of this hairstyle.

Fernando Torres Haircut

Some stars have hairstyles attached to their names such as the Kaka hairstyle. One can notice him brushing his bangs across the forehead framing his face. This has become a common phenomenon among Kaka fans who like to imitate his fashion. Kaka can also be seen in other hairstyles such as the spiky hairstyle and messy mullet hairstyle. Great examples of pompadour hairstyles and much more can be taken from his pictures which are all on display on the internet. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS
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