What experts say about flat belly diets

Unlike some of the “fad” diets that have surfaced in recent years, Flat Belly Diets have received the nod of approval from medical doctors and researchers as well as successful dieters. Weight loss has proven to be very difficult for many people, especially in the midriff area of the body which is not only unattractive but indicates that the body is storing visceral fat in the abdomen where many vital organs are located. Medical experts are impressed by the ability of Flat Belly Diets to tackle this stubborn fat and eliminate it. This weight loss has a long list of health benefits from lowering the level of “bad” LDL cholesterol and increasing the level of “good” HDL cholesterol to reducing blood pressure, that were recorded from the women who tested the eating plan in 2008. For a number of years, the general advice from medical experts has been to decrease the amount of salt, sugar, saturated fat and carbohydrates consumed on a daily basis, but this alone is not the reason the Flat Belly Diets have won so many rave reviews. Although there are many foods that are excluded such as spicy, gassy, fried foods and salt, dissatisfaction is not often a complaint. The variety of the foods in the diet plan allows dieters to feel satisfied and give their body the nutrition it needs to function properly. The sound research behind Flat Belly Diets provides a realistic and effective method for combating obesity which is as dangerous to your health as smoking.
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