Detox diet recipes for summer

Most of the people are capable of doing a three day fast during these three days you have to take care that you reduce all the physical activities. Then after the three days you can go on the monotrophic diet for about a week. This detox diet recipe will include eating only one fruit in the meal that means you have to fill up your fridge with the different fruits so that you can have the different fruits in different meals. For making the evening meal interesting you can also try a large salad with rainbow colors of grated red cabbage, grated carrots, chopped up celery, watercress, cucumber, red or green peppers and grated beetroot. Eating more of the fiber and drinking plenty of water is the easiest method of detoxifying. There are many types of detox diet recipes which can help you to eat healthy like gazpacho soup which is a vegetable soup made up of cucumbers, garlic, tomatoes, bell peppers and water moistened bread that are merged with olive oil and vinegar. You can also use the detox drinks for detoxification. These drinks are made up of the fruits which are essential for the cleansing of the body. Mediterranean foods are also gaining popularity in detoxification process as they offer the low fat, low carbohydrates which serve as the best alternatives to the oily foods. If you follow the well planned diet for detoxification then with the end of the month you will feel that the toxins in your body have also ended. With these recipes you will feel much cleaner, filtered and more energetic.
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