Silk shirts for men

Silk is a wonderful material for men’s shirts. Sexy and chic trend setters love the feel of silk, but any man will appreciate the great colors, patterns, and shapes that you can choose from. Use a silk shirt to accent your outfit or to bring some color. You can’t go wrong with a silk shirt and adding them to your wardrobe will keep you fashionable for years to come.

Tommy Bahama Silk Campshirt by Nordstrom $110.00

Do you want a silk shirt that is casual chic? Then you need a flowery and ruffly silk shirt and pair it with some dark jeans. Or if you aren’t into flowers or ruffles, choose shirts that have flattering cuts and collars. Floral patterns on men’s shirts are not huge flowers like they are on women’s shirts. Rather, they are more in the design of Japanese kimonos, being masculine, subtle, yet attractive. Silk shirts are also very professional. Wear a collared silk shirt with your business suit to add some color while looking great. If it’s casual Friday, a silk shirt will add a great touch of class to your slacks.

Nat Nast Silk Shirt by Nordstrom $150.00

Chinese brocade silk shirts are excellent for men. These flattering shirts have mandarin collars and frog buttons. Sleek and sexy, they just don’t compare to anything else and they show off a man’s best features. They look excellent with dark pants and shoes. When you have silk shirts, handle them with care. Dry clean if you can or wash with a delicate detergent. Don’t spot clean and if you iron, do it with the shirt inside out. Never use bleach or hot water.
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