Leather belts for men

For many years, men wore suspenders and these have been replaced by the belt. Belts hold up a man’s pants, but they also are fashion symbols. There are some outfits that just look better with a belt, and if it’s a designer belt by a famous designer such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton, then all the better. Celebrities are always seen in belts that are the latest trends and they are very popular. Belts can be made of fabrics, alligator, and lots of other things and they are designed for formal clothes, golf, western, and casual. You don’t have to know your exact measurements when buying a belt because they come with holes to adjust them. If you’re buying a dress belt, it should extend no more than three or four inches past the buckle and then you should fit it through a loop. Khakis always look great with a belt, but with jeans it’s optional, depending on the shirt you are wearing. BOSS Black Leather Belt by Nordstrom $75.00 A great invention is the two-sided belt. These can save you a lot of money since you can get both a black and brown belt in one, and you won’t have a ton of belts in your closet.

Salvatore Ferragamo Woven Leather Belt by Nordstrom $290.00

A great belt for a man is a good quality leather belt. These are easy to find, and they are surprisingly affordable. If you want to go above this, then the crocodile skin dress belt is for you – a real one will cost you more than one hundred dollars. If that’s out of your budget, then go for a nice leather belt with an attractive buckle. Buckles can be etched, woven, made of emblems, and a huge variety of other things so you are sure to find something that you love.
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