Scarves for Men

Scarves for men in 2011 are a growth industry. They have been worn for years and were the simple white silk that may or may not have a fringe. It may be in camel, grey or black and generally men have tucked them around their neck and then put their top coat on so they sat nicely inside the lapels of the coat. They made no fashion statement but did serve the purpose of keeping the man’s neck warm. Today men’s scarves are meant for color and often texture. They are emerging from within that coat lapel. They are still worn for warmth but they are making a fashion statement also.

Trendy Scarf for Men

Scarves help the face in that a scarf can make a face look slimmer and can flatter a face and a scarf can attract attention. Men are wearing scarves for fun and these scarves are in colors and simple patterns. They may be loosely knit or in a cable knit pattern and they may be flipped over the shoulders. But more often you will see these bulkier scarves hanging around the neck with the ends hanging loose. These scarves will often have fringes also. The other scarves you are seeing on men are those lovely silk scarves that they wear in that looped fashion where the scarf is doubled and put around the neck and the loose ends are threaded through the looped end and pulled tighter so the scarf is draped nicely around the neck. French men have been doing this for years.
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