Wristwear for Men

There are various types of wristwear for men to choose from for 2011. Although it is a personal choice, there are many men that choose to wear a watch as an accessory. There are several different types of watches that are making headlines for the New Year. There are a few different categories of wrist watch that are quite popular. One of them is the business watch and these are available in the designer styles but also in the replicas of these designer styles. The new look is classic and neat. They range in size and in style but there are many that are perfect to match the business suit. Another category of the wrist watch is the sporty style. There are also many brands setting out the new watch styles and many of them are eye catching with the neon orange, green, blue and other such colors. In many cases the faces are in rectangular or round shapes and even though they are bright, they are neat and they look quite modern. They match the casual wear and other types of outfits as well. The most popular brands are the Porsche design, Chopard, Omega and Tag Heuer in both the actual brands and in the replica designs. They are great designs that work to match many different personalities. Even though they are considered to be 2011 designs, they are already out on the market and are breaking into the public in many cases for gifts for the holiday season.
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