What Types of Clothes You Should Not Wear This Summer

Published on : 11 August 20202 min reading time

There are things in life that even how much you would want to have it, it just cannot be. You won’t be forever living in a dormitory, nor would be with your buddies 24/7. There are clothes too that even though no matter how badly you wanted to still wear tem, it just don’t feel right. Sometimes age do play a party in our wardrobe. There are age-appropriate clothing and if we do wear these clothes, they seem a bit too awkward to feel and even to look at. Here is the list:

Holed clothes. Remember the time when you wear clothes filled with holes? They seemed okay, right? Well, not anymore. Wearing anything with holes in it, be it the shorts, T-shirts, the jeans, it just no longer look right. It can actually give out the wrong impression. Many people would think that if you wear jeans with holes in it for work, you don’t have time to change into better clothes. Even if you are at home. Arm pits with holes are just a big turn of…. Better have simple things and keep it simple.

The key is simplicity. Simple jeans are better to look at.

Transformed tees. Gone were the days when you can wear cut up sleeves and sides of the shirt and get away with it. Wearing it now would look like you are wearing a rag.

You want to look college preppy so you wear clothes with branded logos in big and bold form. Don’t! It might have looked cool in high school but your are no longer in high school, right? Wearing this label would tell people that you are into brands big time. If you do want to have logos in your clothing, put it in minimal form. It would look better this way.

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