What Not to Wear

While fashion is taking a different turn, we are slowly seeing what things are in style this upcoming year and what we should run kicking and screaming from. So the question is—what should you NOT wear during the year of 2011? First of all, crocs need to go. Maybe they are comfortable. Maybe your feet do get adequate ventilation. And yes, you can put tiny, cute little charms into the holes of your crocs, including dragons and kittens and all of that cute, mushy stuff. But, really…they aren’t so hot now. Instead, opt for something that has a more military vibe, such as commando boots or a pair of good ole tennis shoes or flip flops. Next, say goodbye to poofy jackets. While they may have had their heyday in 2004, it’s definitely time to pull out a little bit of pocket money and invest in a new one. Since military based fashion is really popular right now, you may want to look into buying a pea coat or a flight jacket if you wish, preferably in navy blue or camouflage. Black also works. Baggy jeans, believe it or not, are also out. They’ve been popular for about ten or more years, but skinny jeans have run in on the scene and chased baggy pants away. Choose a pair that fits you well, first of all. The whole falling down pants thing might still be slightly popular, but it doesn’t go well with this look. It’s best to just pull them right on up.
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