What Goes With What?

Men’s fashion is a lot different compared to what it used to be. However, this is leaving a lot of men clueless as to what they should do when it comes to mixing and matching their clothing. First of all, military style clothing is in, so that is definitely a starting point. However, military clothing doesn’t mean that you just wear anything—usually it requires that you plan ahead at least a little. Say that you were wearing a watchmen coat. Now, you can dress it three different ways. First, you can pair it with a nice shirt and a pair of jeans. Make sure that the jeans that you are wearing are clean and also are made of darker denim and softer denim. Make sure that your shirt is pressed. You can wear a pair of tennis shoes with these. Make sure that they are dark, or if you really wanted to, you could wear a pair of shoes that are lighter. A tie isn’t always a must. Then again, you could also wear a tee-shirt and pair of regular jeans with a watchmen coat. Make sure that when you wear said watchmen coat that you make sure to wear a clean, neat tee-shirt. For example, make sure that you made sure your clothes are clean. The sniff test just doesn’t work or count, unless you’re at an all-guys school and even then it isn’t really acceptable. Shoes should be tennis shoes. The last is all dressed up. Make sure that you are wearing dark slacks, a shirt of your choice, and shoes to match.
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