Ties for Men, Types and Tips

A tie could make or break a man’s outfit. The correct tie could be the finishing touch that gives the outfit that perfect look. The wrong tie will spell disaster to the overall appearance of a man. Most men opt for the traditional stripes or solid colored tie to be on the safe side. But always being on the safe side is equated to being uninteresting, unimaginative and old school. The abundance of tie colors, styles and designs available to men is the best argument for exploring the possibility of augmenting your stock pile of ties in your wardrobe.

Solid colored tie

The most basic type of tie is the solid colored tie and is also the easiest to complement. You can just choose a tie that harmonizes with a color of the shirt and suit. But too much harmony is boring and will look too organized. Think of the tie to inject some pizzazz or excitement to a suit ensemble, rather than harmony think contrast.

Striped tie

Another basic tie is a striped tie. This too could be easily matched with any solid colored shirt or suit by picking a stripe that set off the color of a dress shirt or the suit. Striped ties can also be worn with patterned dress shirts or suit jackets but you have to pay attention that it does not create dissonance in the overall look. A thin stripe suit pairs well with a bold and broadly striped tie while a starkly plaid shirt is best suited with a more restrained stripe.

Plaid tie

Plaid is not a very common design for a tie, but it is a great way to enliven or animate a simple outfit. It will be an attention grabber by itself and will look great matched with a solid colored shirt or suit. Never pair it with a shirt that overpowers.

Designed or patterned ties

Over the years design or patterns such as paisley, dots and other designs have been used for ties. This type of tie can cheer up a rather uninteresting striped or solid suit.
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