Spring and Summer/ Accessory Trends: Mens Neck Ties

Men’s neck ties are not your usual traditional neck tie that you see around the necks of businessmen and lawyers in their conservative suits. These latest accessory trend for spring & summer 2012 is described as a” thin piece of silk worn loosely around a man’s neck and tied at the throat”, more like an urbanized neckerchief rather than a corporate neck tie. Men’s neck ties are aptly called the stylish dandy tie and the urban or city cowboy tie. These neck tie styles fit into the mold of the retro or vintage trend since they are not exactly new styles but the return or reappearance of styles that were popular in the 60s and the 70s.

Dandy neck tie

A stylish dandy necktie seems to be the most popular and fashionable way of wearing a tie this season. The main reason for this is the huge versatility of the stylish dandy neck tie. It can be paired with an open shirt with the tie loosely knotted around the neck and the loose ends slipped into the shirt to pull off a hippy look. For a more casual look, pair the tie with a thin sweater or jumper rather than a shirt with the ends of the tie left hanging down the front rather than tucked in. To add a debonair flair to the look, throw on a cardigan or blazer over the outfit.

Urban or city cowboy neck tie

The urban neck tie has a more unfinished and rugged look than the stylish dandy neck tie. The tie is twisted and coiled around itself then tied at the throat with a tight knot to create the cowboy look. An urban or city neck tie is also called a neckerchief or a bandanna neck tie. This tie gives a more rugged and masculine look than the dandy tie. It is best paired with a t-shirt and jean ensemble underneath a blouson or leather jacket.
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