Socks Fashion Tips for Men

Unfortunately, some men think that just because socks are “hidden”, they need not bother much with their choice of socks to go with their ensemble. But socks are important to complete the look and it is not exactly hidden since socks peep out once a guy is seated or even while they walk. How off-putting and very disappointing to see a guy dressed up to the teeth in a dark dapper suit with white socks peeping out of the pants hem. There are not many rules with regards wearing socks but whatever rules there are, are important and need to be taken into account. Here they are:

White socks are not for every outfit

One of the biggest blunder men make with regards socks is wearing white socks for all types of outfit. White socks are only for sports clothes and for sports activities White socks are great for gym wear, jogging or running, or any outdoor activity but should never be worn when embarking on activities that does not require sweating. With jeans for an outing or picnic or a casual party, wear black athletic socks not white socks. The greatest blunder however, is wearing white socks with dark suits.

Wear dress socks with dress shoes

Dress shoes call for dress socks never athletic socks black, white or any other color. Athletic socks are made from thicker materials and have the tendency to bunch up when worn with dress shoes. In addition, athletic socks are usually grooved or ridged and destroy the sleek and elegant look of dress shoes. Dress socks are usually made from silkier, smoother and thinner materials that make it easier to slip a dress shoes on and off.

Harmonize socks color with pants

The color of your socks should be in harmony with the color of your pants not your dress shoes. Wear black dress socks with black pants, brown dress socks with brown pants and the same rule apply for navy and gray pants, better yet in a darker hue than your pants.
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